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I am Steve, 26 cis white male, aspiring librarian. I have a non-verbal learning disorder I am cool and always looking for news friends.
What will show up on your dash if you follow me: board games, glam rock, harsh modernist buildings, fat acceptance posts, retro-future, racial inequality posts, LGBTA rights posts, humor, Dark City, libraries, Beyond the Black Rainbow, meta-ethics; Mystery Science Fiction Theater 3000; etc
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petition to rename the earth ‘punishment orb’
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We were very happy that Island Records allowed us not to have the name of the band nor the album title on the front cover. We thought the image alone would speak loudly enough. Try to get a company to go along with that concept today!" - Russell Mael

The sleeve for the “Kimono My House” LP was way ahead of its time: no band name or title, just two harshly-lit, slightly low-rent geishas, one shocked by something out of shot, one unshockable. No band name or title, just these japanese women on a green background. The geishas were supposed to look elegant and naughty. The photo by Karl Stoeker used for the front cover was an outtake that happened at the end of the session that everybody thought worked.

We were both actresses touring with a Japanese theatre company in Europe and the USA. My husband Joji Hirota was musical director. A record company (Island records) approached our director looking for Japanese women, and we were asked to do the modeling. I am the woman on the right (with a fan)" - Michi Hirota

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Music for Airports makes me want to cry when a listen to it.

Then again most things make me want to cry these days.

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The only good reason I thought of not killing myself today is thinking about the shitty music that would be played at my funeral
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Pretty much given up on life.
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"youll grow out of that anime phase dont worry" *looks into the camera like on the office*

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Fatniss Everdeen

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Fatniss Everdeen

OMG! <3

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